Open Space, PvP, PvE issue: Destroyer travelling through the warp-gate conduit can cause destruction (space traffic collisions)

Bug report: (it may be funny, but it just proves that people didn’t bother to test the warp gate and all possible scenarios)


When I play PvE Pirate Raid match, I once took a Destroyer and entered the warp-gate first. All 3 followed with me, but a bit behind. But 3 seconds after, all player have died because of a crash.

1.) I entered the warp gate - Destroyer Sirius(500m/s), other regular ships followed (2000m/s).

2.) Others followed 2-3 seconds after me - same travelling trajectory or course - collision course, BOOM, double BOOM, triple BOOM - all players crashed and died instantly, my Destroyer remained unharmed.

This can happen in PvP, PvE or in Open Space, depending on the map, but the map needs a warp gate, so here are such maps:  Iridium Strand , Abandoned Outpost, Fort Muerto - PvE (Pirate Base Raid).


How to fix this bug?

  • make sure that destroyer can cancel the warp travel, like any regular ship (now it’s impossible to exit warp-travel with a destroyer)

  • entering ships should never on the same trajectory, but if this is unavoidable, make sure, that the ships actually matches speed the ship in the front, or just teleports or bypasses the ship that is slower

  • better optimization or mechanics of warp-travelling via warp gates


Also, I need to remind you that sometimes the ship will enter the warp-gate, but it won’t warp (old bug, but still not fully fixed)





Not a bug, but, in future, we may be invent something