Open Space Modules

So it hit me as I was trying to destroyer around in open space that the destroyers got a nerf to their speed a while back (i’ve been gone for a long while), anyways this greatly hinders me in open space so it’s a lot longer to get from point a to point b.


Instead of buffing destroyers (which i do agree with the speed nerf, helps balance things out), it would be nice to have several modules/internals that you can  only use in open space. A few come to mind:


All these apply to all ship variants:


Speed Module, Engine Internal: Boost speed an additional 20-30%.

Detection Module, CPU Internal: Boost Targeting Range by 120% and also increases optimal firing range by 17%.

Pirate/Alien Ammo: 20% extra damage to Alien Craft and Pirate Craft (Doesn’t require alien materials to manufacture)

Boosted Hull Repair (Forgot the name): Works the same as the hull internal that allows you to repair your hull with energy above 50%, however the boosted variant works with 3x more effectiveness and starts at 20% energy or above.


These are examples, but it would be very usefull in open space. Again these would be limited to open space only, you can’t use these in any game mode.

Or maybe just having a separate slot (or slots) for “open space equipment” could be made. They could have like 5-7 extra slots for extended hulls and spatial scanners and stuff. Not active in PvP, but only in OS.


That would be epic too because OS equips are typically pretty bad for actual ship use.


It would also let the devs make stuff like this without worrying about balance too much.


Here’s some more ideas along the lines of these equips:



  1. Spatial Sonar

Every 7 seconds, makes a pulse that reveals all objects on the map within 10km for 2 seconds.


  1. False Destruction Module

When hit by a missile, you are removed from radars for 2 seconds.


  1. Energy Recycler

Every 500p damage done to the shields restores 1p of fuel and 25p of energy.


  1. Tactical Jump

Double-tapping boosters teleports the ship 10km in the direction of the crosshairs. 60s cooldown.


  1. Cargo Optimizer

Allows alike items in the cargo bay to stack up to 3 times per slot. Maximum of 9 per slot with 3 modules.


  1. Tactical Regenerator

When the ship is below 10% speed, the hull and shields regenerate 5% each second.


  1. Vulpanium “Foxloft” Drive

When the map is open, any sector within 3 jumps can be reached instantaneously. 180s cooldown. Collision with a crystal ship causes you and them to explode violently.


  1. Optimized Mining Laser

Makes ores drop in multiples, up to 3 per interaction. Rarely, a refined object will be rendered.


  1. Cool Shades

Stars have sunglasses.


  1. Unstable Reactor Output

The engine trails are rainbow.


  1. Engine Optimization

When no weapons are used, the maximum speed is raised by 75%.

  1. Jump computer : jump 2-3 hops at once ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)

  2. bigger fuel tanks