Open space flight rubberbanding

So just got a rank 6 ship. i am in jericho space. i have 30 to 50 ping. no report of packet loss by the ingame system. a solid 60 fps. and i am still experiencing rubber banding flying my interceptor and my fighter. i dont know why, i dont know how. but its happening and i want to know why its happening. if the need arises i can record an instance of it

If it will repeat please [make correct bugreport](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/25328-how-to-create-bug-reports/)

Ive seen this at times Skula and looked into it under the covers.


Its not a game bug.   Its a packet repeat from the ISP (and or web) depending on two things:


  1. the distance the user is physically located from the chosen game server and the number of ISP servers needed to flow data from the Game server thru the web and end up at the User client viewer.


  1. the user or ISP incorporates the use of Afterburner Technology in the hardware to retain Packets.


The repeated packets intermix with the more current packets and the client resets the viewer back to the state of the data in the older packet.


Not much to do about it from a game point of view.   Its solution is to change to a better ISP that has better supporting hardware or stop using Afterburner Technology on your own hardware.


It can be replicated a lot when WiFi and/or GSM modem and Satellite internet connections are use since they use the very types of technology that is triggering the reported action.  They have to retain the data packets after sending them as waiting for ACKs back in the event a resend is required.


In the most basic layman terms now days…its just LAG.   Get a better connection.

I get it sometimes in this unexpected situation: USA server, and I’m in USA. My ping is in the low 40’s when it happens. I don’t recall it happening with the EU or the RU open space servers. I end up in all 3 often. WiltedRose: figure out which server it is. Use F11 key while out there. F11 cycles through 3 different displays, and they’re different in hanger and undocked. If it’s USA, we have a little more that we can say in the bug report.