Open space events

open space is pretty boring with not a lot to do so i would like to suggest a new random event n open space.

so what i’m thinking about is attacks at random times during the day from the alien destroyer or a pirate cruiser that gets marked on the sector map where you can fly to the area and team up with people to kill it.

the event could last 25 mins and if the time runs out the ship will jump away and no reward but if you kill it then anyone who helps kill it gets a reward that scales with how much you helped in the battle all of this will be just like a pve mission except that it will be in open space so nobody will be stuck in queues, a mobile drydock will appear in the area as a mobile spawn point so that you don’t need to fly back when you die and all of the Npc’s will leave except for ones that spawn for the event.


They said a Open Space rework is coming, so maybe they’ll add something like this. I like your idea, I posted something similar some time ago. 

I’d love more stuff like this.

OOOOHhhh wait, anyone remembers when defiler spec ops first came out? the times it was active, the map in OS would lock untill spec ops event was over…

There should be a server announcement about such events then, because you don’t know if you arrive in time it was just spawned/nor you know if there are enough to do it.

Events in Destiny style, as I got it) It may become handy with our new OS concept, which is in development. But I can’t promise anything about this any soon yet.

You can make such content:

a) With server announcement - everyone can join and help(and may get some little extra as a special mission reward).
b) As a corp mission - the time something will arrive/happen will be displayed somewhere in the corp window/on the OS galaxy map - and then you can collect your corpmates to solve it. Reward is awared to all participants/all members in the corp.

The a) is the easiest(you already have done this with the cruiser event in the past)
b) Will bind more manpower as it needs a lot of tweaking/thinking what can be done.