Open Space Enclave and Alliens suggestion for better and dynamic gameplay!

Hi all.


I have just one suggestion, if developers want to reconsider and make Open Space more dynamic for all players.


Just before we start to say a couple of words:

Right now like I see, every day, every week enclave attacking only few selected sectors, and that’s repeat over and over…from my perspective that is annoying and really bad idea whoever is create that model in the game.


So, for better and dynamic challenges I suggest: That enclave and aliens attacking every sector, for example, firs week we have enclave attacking, then next week aliens attacking, and on third week mix of both enemies attacking various of sectors, where we will enter in conflict with them to help and defend that sectors.


ARTUGA should have always spawned one destroyer who will defend their sectors, not that enclave destroyers attacking other sectors, in their sector i didn’t saw even single destroyer, just thousands of fighters who flying around their station and space. Right now is really boring to play all the time same thing over and over.