Open Space Conquest Structures

Hello Star Conflict community.


I would like to speak my mind about SecCon and Open Space it would be great on top of what we have in SecCon, some sort of structure like Stations or Beacons that a Corporation can set up into the dessirable system 

you want to take this beacon is craftable and it can be crafted by the corp by donating to a crafting hanger materials to its contruction, this Structure can then be setup in the dessirable conquer system and then it will give a messege to the actual owner of the system that a Station/beacon structure is planted in system. The owners of the system can then deside to destroy it by attacking it with a massive fleet of Detroyers and it would be not an easy task this Station/Beacons can have turrets to defend it self and on top of it for obvious reasons the owner of the station/beacon also gets a messege that you structure is being hit so you can also go the place you planted it and defend it with yout corp. The objective of all this is to add to the conquest of the sector not only people fight in the conquest fight but for example make your enemys loose points or your corp earn more points even after conquest or before the conquest.


Objetives of doing this:

More PVP engagment corp v corp on Open space

Real conflict between corporatiosn to dominate Systems

More MMORPG feel like because of the crafting and donation system.

More Open space content.


PS: It would also be a GREAT idea that players can also move the dreadnought to the desirable system and use for defense or attack, it would be great if for example 3 people are required to fly the dread one in the Control tower, one in the Shield emiter and one in the wepons system, maybe modules that only one of each player controling the dread is allowed to activate.


Anyways this is just a fun post speaking my mind, dont take it serious cause i know people is like that.


Thanks in advance by your comments.


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