Open Space - Base 'Ellydium' mission with 2x transporters

Open space.

Active contracts (yellow !) Cargo.

On map showing its open all time every day and when go on that map no transport ships with “!” for escort

watched on you tube ( )

 how to do but no transports coming to escort!

Other missions normally appear.



58 minutes ago, Skula1975 said:


This is no bug. Sometimes transports need 5 minutes before they reappear in Open Space.

this is a broken mission and has been from the beginning … just use your cancel button for that one … there are 2 transports but you can’t EVER get credit for the other one  just the one going form spawn to the other gate … the one coming from the other gate to spawn will NEVER give you credit … but more over its a colossal waste of time … as there are only 3 Elly missions anyway if you cancel it you will get a doable mission … i wish they would just remove the mission but they NEVER will and your bug report will NEVER get addressed so do the smart thing and cancel it EVERY time …

Are you sure that the other transport is mean to come from the other gate and not the same gate, from the far right?