[Open Space] Aliens

Mercenary Rangertre

Station ‘Guardian 17’


09:00 STE

Xenobiologist Report UMC 52863



Aliens are strange things. They are always trying to break everything, but aside from that they are not much like us.


In Star Conflict, you will be able to encounter many different types of aliens. Found below are the most common aliens encountered. While we have not seen them all, these are the ones we know of so far.


More on "Biomorphs"


          Biomorphs are supposedly life forms that have been infected by the Liu Virus and have morphed (hence the name) into ship-like objects. They collectively use EM type weapons and love the color green. Entire planets that are infected can become one giant biomorph called a “Bion”.


Regular Biomorphs

Rating: Dangerous


          The most common biomorph type encountered, these are small and weak (relatively speaking) but come in large numbers. They are just called “biomorphs” , but some mercs call them “swarmers”. They fire quick bolts of green EM energy and are dangerous for low ranked players.

Safe distance: 3000m



Rating: Dangerous


          The next most common biomorph found. As their name suggests, they spend their time poking around in our sectors looking for weak points. They are a little faster, a little larger, a little tougher, and shoot more than regular biomorphs.

Safe distance: 3000m



Rating: Very Dangerous


          Once you start getting out there, you may encounter one or more Hunters. Hunters resemble big spikes surrounding a glowing green orb. They are much more powerful and tougher than the previous biomorphs, and use different weapons: explosive EM spheres and Pulsar area weapons if you get too close. They are more aggressive and will attack pilots farther out. Called a “hunter group” when with other hunters or other biomorphs.

Safe distance: 4000m



Rating: Extremely Dangerous


          These are plain mean. They are much larger than hunters and way more dangerous. They are very fast, traveling an estimated 400 m/s, and will kill anything smaller than a frigate in a few shots. They also have the largest aggression range in the game, which is hard to calculate because it will become “angry” outside of your ship’s view range, and will swoop across the sector to get you. When entering a sector that is reported to have a Predator, stick to the edges of the map and move as swiftly as possible. If you can lock onto it, it is already too close for comfort.

Safe distance: 10,000m+



Rating: Very Dangerous


          These massive biomorphs are found only in certain sectors. They are different in that they do not chase targets: they float across the sector and shoot at anything that gets too close. They are somewhat slow, though, and are easy to notice and avoid. The EM storm they can unleash is rather easy to doge for maneuverable ships, and while they are unbelievably tough, a group of the weakest interceptors can eventually take them down if they can confidently dodge their shots. If you don’t want to fight it, just keep away… it won’t bother you.

Safe distance: around 6000m


Alien Destroyers

Rating: ? (off danger chart)


          These are currently found only in Spec Ops missions. These biomorphs take an army of pilots to take down. They are infamous for being morphed for one purpose: to destroy humankind. They are nearly dreadnaught-sized and extremely hard to destroy, and they use many scary weapons such as lasers, gravity generators, and tentacle-torpedoes.

Safe distance: None. It can get you anywhere in a sector.



Rating: Unknown. It is not known exactly how dangerous these are.


         Bions are entire planets that have been infected by the Liu Virus, and have become one giant life form. While a single planet has been named “Bion”, there are a few more than one of them and so they are collectively called “Bions”. Not much is known about them except that they can alter their orbit and move about, albeit very slowly. They appear to have some kind of weapon, but it is not known how it is used. The incident with the dreadnaught “Northstar” can give us a little insight on what these things actually are, but they are still being explored. Further information may become available later.

Safe distance: Unknown


Appreciation should go to the merc millanbel for information gathered.



This concludes the most current report on the aliens. If new ones are discovered, an updated report will be filed to the UMC Reporting Board.


End of Report.








Nice read!

You forgot to mention the alien Death Star though!

I’m sorry, I am afraid that I have not heard of that. Are you referring the one currently in Special Ops missions?


And thank you. I had to fly around and get a few pictures, as you can see. I died immediately after that picture with the Predator (it’s shooting at me while I was trying to get a good angle), XD… Occupational Hazard.

Ah, I don’t want to spoil it if you haven’t seen it yet :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s in open space somewhere. Go find it!

Encountered misinformation value source. Try to report…


try to correct…

  • Biomorphs

Rating: Extremely Dangerous

Encountered in some places, a secondary type of biomorphs is discovered. It’s an extremely dangerous fiend that shoot very fast EM-laser. Other characteristics aren’t available due lack of survivors of these encounteres.

Safe distance: ?m

Oh, you mean Bions? I mentioned them, but I have not given much info on them since you can’t fight them directly. I can add info if you want though.

Thanks for catching that Millanbel!

Ahh that’s what you meant by bions! I thought you were talking about destroyers and defilers.

I thought of another species you could mention: Inverters. Are they truly living creatures, or just lifeless spatial anomalies? No-one really knows…

Bions are the name for them. However, I added a section on them so other mercs don’t get confused like you did. Thanks.


Inverters. I don’t think that they are alive, but we don’t know that. Not much is in the Star Conflict Lore on them. My current understanding is that they are some kind of anomaly. Until I get information otherwise, I will keep them off of my guide to keep from being overcomplicated. Remember that this is for newer players, and I intend to let them make their own opinions on things that are not fully understood. Isn’t this game awesome?!


Good chat.

“Bion” is a planet. Though we are not sure that there are more, “Bions” sounds kinda funny. Xp

You can see several in a few places in Open Space, so there are more than one. I don’t know what the proper term would be, though: Bions, Bios, or simply Bion?


Kind of like Ninja. Is the plural form “Ninjas”, or just “Ninja”?

Probably just Bion.

Might be worth adding tactics to best kill them too :wink: What type of damage they are weak against, that sort of stuff :wink: