Open Space After Fly Report Improvement

After many more flights, I come to the conclusion, that I don’t have any clue what I have earned/send/got into my warehouse.

It’s 99% not my fault that this happen due using the cargo drones to send my cargo home and so having way more aquired as currently shown in the Fly Report after you died/docked. Either I don’t have found the report what you have send by the cargo drones, or there just doesn’t exist a recording… yet.

So my suggestion is, that there should be a detailed list WHAT you send and WHAT you have received for this.

This list could either be really a list next to the current ‘your cargo loot display’ in a scroll down list or as extra clickable button ‘send by cargo drones’ to open a list with the conveyed loot.

Not a high priority thing maybe, but a QoL improvement at least.

This has been suggested twice before over a number of years, and I still think it’s a good idea.