Ooh whats this?

This map doesn’t even make any sense. None of the sectors’ backgrounds match their placements in the galaxy anymore? You’ve got fringe sectors leading to inner worlds all of a sudden? All the screens on the inter-regional gates still display the other fringe sectors as their destinations? Wait why is Smuggler’s Hideout a completely washed out blue now??? Wait why are the fringe sectors so close to the stations now? Where’d pirate space go? What about alien space? Wait why is Leviathan Line purple now if everything dealing with aliens that still exists in the game is still green? Why is the entire map just a long line leading from one end of space to another? It makes no sense, if you were going to have a lot of space travel you would use some sort of central hub (fringe space in the old map) with spokes leading to different areas/hubs (faction space on the old map) and some sort of ring connecting all the things at the hub around the outside in sort of a wheel shape, not just a line from one end of space to another, its like someone just flew across the galaxy placing checkpoints as they went. Wtf is this? Why are all the warp-gates so messed up with their placements now, there’s a gate like 5m under a deactivated gate that they could have just used… Wait… Why is this the map from Destiny all of a sudden???



the new map actually makes a lot more sense


its now places in various star systems

which themselves are supposed to be huge

of course they are very crowded, but cmon, its scifi


what are fringe worlds and inner worlds in your opinion? each star system has outer and inner planets

there is no central hub in space

and we obviously use some kind of jumpgate system for commercial travel

I cant honestly see anything wrong with the update, the game truly shined this time around, im sorry for the imbalanced pvp matches but then again i havent noticed anything different in pvp matches i was a part of. The map is great and the atlas is a even greater concept and this update is just a tiny part of whats coming. We just got the tiny circle around the sc universe, no fuel and insta jump back and forth is just awesome.

I find the story campaign a good approach and also the integration of the open space into its missions  … and there seem so much more worlds/systems and factions and lore to be unveiled …


Well, this update is progress,

but still, Atlas does not work as it should. 

Some really annoying things are here like I don’t see all my weapons like before and I have to go to the atlas or to storage to find them.

This was better before. Also, new icons are confusing like hell. Old ones were much better.

Also about story, I played FREELANCER date of release was 2004 and that was real story to play. Where it all made sense. 


But is progress lets see what will we get.