Сontractual battles in Sector conquest: Punishment

According to the presented data from an anonymous source, corporations

  • NoQuestions
  • The Evil Dragon (xTEDx)
  • JEDI
  • Dead Spase
  • Nika
  • Cerberus
  • RED Star (RDS)
  • Midgard Earh

organized the alliance for:

Due to this is not the first time for corporations Cerberus (m111160), The Evil Dragon (1986ROMA) and SCORPIONS (GOB):

  • CEOs will get ban for 7 days;
  • corporations Cerberus and SCORPIONS will be dissolved, because of organizing fake battles many times.

Due to contractual battles in “Dreadnoughts”, acording to the rules of conduct on the game servers will get ban for a week also:

  • CEO RDS ANDrew (CEO is responsible for the actions of members of the corporation)
  • Other corporations from the list above will get a warning. Extreme measures are possible in case of any recidivizm.

Play fair!