one second there next second there... o.O

PvP mode: beacon hunt

i was dead watching my team members, in this case smersch76UA.

i have no video recording tool installed, sadly. But i made lots of screenshots, Picture *32 shows it best. His Crosshair jumped to the target shot and jumped back where it was, all within 1 second. It was just crazy how his crosshair kept jumping around on screen.


Even if someone somehow manages to move his mouse that fast, to make it look like it is jumping. Then it is impossible to stop precisely above the target.





Oh. I can confirm this. Whenever he was targetting me and I used reverse jumping with my lrf, the laser pointer stayed on me.


But not sure if this is a bug or not. Same happend when others used the same ship against me too.

When watching other people using dissy, it takes aiming assist into account so it looks like it snaps. And yes, disintegrator has aim assist.

More or less a bug linked to the Desintigrator’s AimAssist and the way the Reverse Thruster is working.


aim assist on lrf is so strong that you can even target cloaked ships

1 hour ago, EndeavSTEEL said:

aim assist on lrf is so strong that you can even target cloaked ships

you can do that with anything that has aim assist, not limited to disintegrator

i am not talking about hitting cloaked ships with or without the help of aim assist,

i am not talking about hitting ships that have jumped away (reverse thruster, ellydium or recon jump),

i know aim assist and got hit many times after i jumped 2-4km with taikin, right after i jumped.

Typically when aim assist makes you hit a target that has jumped away (taikin), it is only your projectile that flies there, your crosshair stays where it is!


What i am talking about is how his cross hair did jump on screen to targets like engineer and various fighter classes, those enemy ships did not jump!

And yes i also know aim assist within a small scale, like several millimeters when you are not exactly on the target, this was not the case here.

I am talking about (relatively speaking) several centimeters of crosshair jumps, i am playing since 2015 and i have never seen something even close to that.


Just a crossing thought, is aim assist calculated based on a in game scale unit or is it calculated based on your own monitor or game window size?

To me his crosshair did jump several centimeters on a 24 inch 1080p full-screen game window. Maybe one can trick aim assist by playing on low resolution or when playing on a small monitor. I will test it with a lower resolution game window, but windows will still tell the game that i have 24 inch. Does anybody have a small monitor and can test whether this affects aim assist or not?


If it does not, i stick to my allegation that he used a aim bot.

10 hours ago, MathModelSim said:

Typically when aim assist makes you hit a target that has jumped away (taikin), it is only your projectile that flies there, your crosshair stays where it is!

Spectator View is unequal to what the actual player sees.


John, that is not what i meant.

Yes this is not seen equally by players and spectators. But this is not the topic here - within small distances is the important distinction here!

Again i am well aware of that aim assist that works in a small distance (e.g. lets just assume 1 ship length without counting jumps). And yes, it may differ for ships/weapons.


What i repeatingly observe is a crosshair that looks 1/3 to 1/4 of my 24" screen size AWAY of the target that is hit by the projectile while the crosshair stays at the same spot. (e.g. up to 10 ship length)

Even if the spectator does not see all frames like the player does but rather skips some frames to reduce server load/bandwidth, which is what you are pointing out with your video above. There is no way a player can move his crosshair that fast over a distance of 1/3 to 1/4 of my screen size, shoot and after that back to the same spot. 1st impossible speed, 2nd impossible accuracy after the shot, 3rd never seen something similar in the years i am playing SC.

However i now think it is not a pure aim bot but some kind of exploit with 1011 ship, because i only see it sometimes only on that ship at very few players.


My best guess is that he’s lagging (unless the server use a diffrent networking code). Also HOW’D you even get <50 ms of lag?! <200 is already a miracle for me ![:018:](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/018.gif “:018:”)