One Cannon 28.01.2022

Tournament "One Cannon"


Everyone is invited to this event!

Just go to one of the gathering rooms. The rooms will be created by the judges at 20:15 on Friday 28.01.2022. Run is scheduled for 20:30 Texas time.

Conditions for this event:

Cannon - [Plasma minigun 7]

Плазменный лучемет.jpg

Maps: Ice Reef , Huron Base , Terminal D , Ancient Ruins , Devil’s Jaw , Eastern Mining Station

Only ships purchased with credits are allowed.


You need to put 1 ship in the slot with the weapon specified in the event conditions.

Only regular ships purchased with credits are allowed to participate.

In Team Deathmatch mode, you need to score as many efficiency points as possible. After the end of the stage, the players with the highest efficiency are selected from both teams (players with 0 efficiency are eliminated). Boy 1 vs 1 takes place in the bo3 format.

The fit is free, unless restrictions are specified in the conditions of stagea.



If a player has advanced to the next stage but does not enter the room within five minutes of submitting the password, the referee will select the next participant on the performance list. Each next stage starts in a new room! The judges will send an invitation to the players who have passed to the next stage by private messages.



Скрытый текст

General information
    1. One Cannon is a private tournament.
    2. Tournament is being hosted by Judical corp.
    3. Tournament obeys to the general rules of esport events.
    4.  Judical corp. Discord link (
 2. Registration 
    1. There is no registration on the forum.
    2. The room in private battles will be created in the day of the tournament. All players that joined this room will be recognised as participants.
    3. Participants must play only on ships that was chosen in rules.
    4. Often there will be in-game announcement about tournament in a couple hours before tournament.
 3. Administration group
    1. Administration group is being formed from sponsors and tournament organisation.
    2. The tasks of an administration group are: control over compliance of tournament rules, solving controversial moments, spectating the matches, recording of matches, streaming and other tasks.
    3. Administration group reserves the right to change the rules of tournament in any moment of time.
 4. Tournament specifics.
    1. All stages of tournament are held at the same day.
    2. Every stage of tournament are held on ships of specified role and rank or specified ship model.
    3. All battles are held on maps that was mentioned in rules of every tournament and was chosen by referees.
    4. Some kinds of guns and modules can be prohibited.
    5. Participants must obey to referees.
    6. If there are less than 10 pilots on qualifying stage then tournament will be canceled.
    7. Passwords to the next stages will be sent to promoted players by referees in in-game private  messages after a couple of minutes.
    8. If promoted player won’t join next room in 5 minutes after receiving password he will be removed                    with the next player in efficiency.minutes after the end of previous battle.
    9. Tournament administration is not responsible for technical issues during tournament stages. If one of players will be disconnected, battle won’t be restarted.
        1. In 1 vs 1 battles game can be restarted or paused by the agreement of both players. In this case referees should be warned about reconnect. If disconnected player was absent too much time (more than 5 minutes) he will be disqualified from tournament.
    10. In case 2 or more players have the same efficiency referees act the next way:
        1. Player with the most kills will be advanced to the next stage.
        2. If players have the same amount of kills then player with the most assists will be advanced to the next stage.
        3. If players have the same amount of kills and assists, referees will do a coinflip or BO1 duel between players.
  5. Penalties
    1. If there are any players that have forbidden weapons or modules than they will be disqualified but battle will go on.
        1. Disqualified player will be rewarded only for previous stages.
    2. Systematic violators of rules will be suspended from further tournaments of judicial corp.
    3. Obscene language, including player insult, corporation insult is forbidden. Intruders will be disqualified  from ongoing tournament, systematic intruders will be disqualified from from future tournaments.
    4. Players the violated rules of tournament can be disqualified from ongoing tournament. If violation was repetitive or extra rude, players will be suspended from participating future tournaments.

  1. Tournament stages
       1. Qualifying stage.
           1. All players are invited to participate in the qualifying stage. They should only take required ship and join tournament room.
           2. Maximum number of players in one room is 30.
           3. Teams in qualifying stage are being generated randomly by referees.
           4. Tournament room will be created in 15 minutes before start of tournament.
           5. The battle starts by filling the room either by referee’s decision but not later than 10 minutes after declared time of tournament.
           6. In case if there is lack of one player in any of teams, one of the referees can replace him. Referee won’t be participating in advancing to the next stage or in points accounting.
       2. Quarterfinals.
           1. This stage will be played if there was 20 or more players in qualifying stage.
           2. An invitation to the room of the next stage will be sent to players by the referees by next two cases:
              1. In case of victory of one of the teams, 8 best players from winning team and 4 best players from losing team will be advanced to the next stage.
              2. In case of tie 6 best players from both teams will be advanced to the next stage.
           3. Teams are being formed randomly.
       3. Semifinals. 
           1. An invitation to the room of the next stage will be sent to players by the referees by next two cases:
             1. In case of victory of one of the teams, 4 best players from winning team and 2 best players from losing team will be advanced to the next stage.
             2. In case of tie 3 best players from both teams will be advanced to the next stage.
           2. Teams are being formed manually by referees.
       4. Extra stage for joining grand final
           1. In case of uneven team balance extra battle for joining grand final may take place.
           2. Player, that got the most efficiency among winning team will be advanced to grand final automatically and won’t be attending this stage.
           3. Extra battle will be played between second player from winning team and first player from losing team.
           4. Player that won twice will be advanced to grand final. Player that lost in this stage will get third place in tournament and won’t get any bonuses.
       5. Grand final.
           1. An invitation to the room of the next stage will be sent by referees to the players that got the best efficiency in semifinals regardless to their teams.
             1. In case when extra battle took place, grand final will be attended by the leader of semifinals’ winning team and winner of extra stage.
           2. Winner of this battle will reckoned as the winner of tournament.
       6. Superfinal.
           1. If the tournament is held in 2 rooms then winners of grand finals are playing in superfinal and winner of superfinal will be reckoned as the winner of the tournament.

  2. Rewarding
      1. The reward for tournaments are special points that can be traded for unique paints, weapons, in-game resources according to the next table:

  3. 1 point  = 1000000 credits

  4. 2 points = 40 monocrystals

  5. 2 points = 40 xenocrystals

  6. 3 points = 100000 free experience

  7. 5 points = neocortex or archicortex

  8. 5 points = 100 monocrystals

  9. 5 points = 100 xenocrystals

  10. 5 points = random seed-chip 15-17 rank

  11. 10 points = decorations Eagle, Bugle, Horns (One to choose)

  12. 12 points = Urban, Desert or Warp camouflage paints (One to choose)

  13. 12 points = Blue, Green or Purple chameleon (One to choose)

  14. 15 points = Th’ak’Len T4

  15. 15 points = Th’ak’Len T5

  16. 15 points = Turbophaser

  17. 15 points = Positron destructor

  18. 17 points = Empire, Federation or Jericho colors paint (One to choose)  

  19. 20 points = laser «Emperor’s gift»

  20. 20 points = Champion’s laser

  21. 20 points = paint «Lava».

  22. 20 points = paint «Nebula»

  23. 20 points = paint «Invasion»

  24. 20 points = paint «Harvest»

  25. 20 points = paint «Digital desert»

  26. 20 points = paint «Mummy»

  27. 20 points = paint «Memento»

  28. 20 points = paint «Flame»

  29. 20 points = paint «Matress of kindness»

  30. 20 points = paint «Steppe camouflage»

  31. 20 points = paint «Neon frost»

  32. 20 points = paint «Altair»

  33. 20 points = paint «Christmas»

  34. 20 points = paint «Color» metallic to choose

  35. 30 points = paint «Concrete jungle»

  36. 30 points = paint «Boar scalp»

  37. 30 points = title «Best of the Best»

  38. 40 points = paint «Furious conflict»

  39. 50 points = paint «Rage»

  40. 50 points = ship Palom

  41. For attending tournament with efficiency above zero player rewarded with 1 point.

  42. For attending every further stage player receive an additional point.

  43. Thus points are distributed in the next way:
       1. If tournament has 20 or more attendants:
          1. Winner gets 5 points.
          2. 2nd place gets 4 points.
          3. 3-6 places gets 3 points.
          4. 7-12 places gets 2 points.
          5. The rest players with efficiency above zero gets 1 point.
       2. If there is less than 20 players:
          1. Winner gets 4 points.
          2. 2nd place gets 3 points.
          3. 3-6 places gets 2 points.
          4. The rest players with efficiency above zero gets 1 point.

  44. In case of superfinal being held, winner gets additional point.

  45. Disqualified player gets 0 points.

  46. All the points are accumulating.

  47. Information about all accumulated points is here:

  48. Points can be changed on unique paints, weapons, titles and resources in any time by writing in private messages to Mettle.

  49. For correct calculation of the number of points player have to warn members of judicial corp.

  50. Points can be traded only by the player who earned it. Transfering rewards to other player is forbidden.

  51. If player after playing in 1st room joined 2nd room, points will be counted from room where player got to further stage.

  52. One Cannon
       1. To join tournament battles you should take one ship that was mentioned in the topic.
       2. Group battles format
         1. Group battles are being played in private battles in «Command battle» mode on a map that was chosen by referees.
         2. Self damage is ON
         3. Team damage is ON
         4. Esports mode is OFF
         5. In case of a flawless victory stage will be restarted with the change of teams.
       3. Duel format
         1. Stage will be played in BO3 format.
         2. Duel battles are played in «Beacon capture» mode on map that was chosen by referees.
         3. Self damage is ON.
         4. Team damage is OFF.
         5. Esports mode is OFF
         6. After every match teams are changing sides to minimize any advantages from a certain spawn place.
         7. Hiding behind the beacons is not allowed. In case when player will hide behind beacon drones, referees will warn this player and if player ignored this warning, he will receive technical lose.
         8. In case of simultaneous loss of both ships (if both ships was destroyed in less than one second and game accounted both kills) this battle will be counted as tie and won’t be taken into account. Stage will go on up to 2 wins of one player.


For participation in the tournament, the player receives 1 point. For the transition to each next stage, the participant receives an additional point. And one more point gets the winner of the tournament. Thus, for each tournament you can get from 1 to 5 points. Points earned are accumulated and saved between tournaments. You can see your scores in this table:

points → ← points


Your points can be exchanged for the following game resources in accordance with the table:


To exchange points for rewards, you must write in the Mettle game in private messages, indicating the desired reward. The term for receiving the award is from 1 to 10 working days.