Сommand functions 'Attacking Object!' and 'Defending Object!'

Do you need these two specific functions?

“All eyes on target” serves both purposes of “Attacking object” and “Defending object.” Context is easily gained just by looking at what is being pinged.

1 and 2 on my numberpad for some reason dont trigger anything, 3 does though so i use it on the map, otherwise I doubletap R for me to ping something

Given that num2 is “reverse” for me, I never use that particular command. num3 “Eyes on X” is all anyone ever used in any match I play. I think it’s been almost a month since I saw any other command used… and frankly, I don’t see why anyone would. We only need one command like that.


What would be useful, however, is some context commands such as “Defend the captain!” or “Help me!” Pinging a random enemy doesn’t often get attention because nobody sees the importance. If I could spam num1 for “I need someone to get off their arse and kill this Interceptor!” then perhaps we’d see a bit more teamwork taking place…

 I voted ‘yes I use it all the time’


truth is I don’t know how to ping other than double clicking target lock.


but if i did know how to use them, I would


and like Jasan/Zeik already mentioned, SCon specific commands would be more useful specifically:


Asking for backup

Telling people to regroup or fallback

pinging Headsup / Priority targets without confuzzling everyone


These cannot be done using the allmulti-function ping

woah…useless vote. why not fix/change/add more hud options, full engine/thusters exuast when boosting. match speed on target for better dogfighting. tons of stuff u could add…but a ping butten?!..


whatever man…

My MacBook has no numpad. And I’m kinda out of keys within easy reach so I don’t bother with anything else apart from “All eyes on…”

How about an option for I want to use these commands, but none of them work for me?


I’ve changed the key binds to see if that’d fix it and tried the double click, but ever since a few patches ago I have been unable to get any of these commands to work. Still can’t figure out how to ping a beacon and I just gave up =/.


Ideally these commands are used every battle and they are if I’m in a squad/team that knows how to do it (well).


Update: I am now able to get these to work sometimes =/.

i think managed to get one of them to work in one game… it puts a shield icon on the beacon. dunno what it’s supposed to do rawr. i could barely see the thing.

Do bots obey these ping commands in PvP? Sometimes, when it’s all bots except for myself and one human enemy, it seems as though most of the time every enemy is firing at me.

The ping ability needs to be visually improved. Right now, if something is pinged offscreen, you can barely see where it’s coming from. Not to mention it doesn’t respect the position of the other elements (such as teammates markers) and appears only at the screen boundaries.

Please don’t revive such old topics…