Founded originally by myself as a corporation only for friends, this corporation has essentially died because most left the game.

That aside, I’m taking just about anyone now! Just be over the rank of 7 in any faction to apply! I’d prefer rank 10+ pilots, but beggars can’t be choosers! Now on to the fun stuff:


“As the origin company “Promethius-R” faded out of existance, it left a strange band of cratures in its wake, namely a genetically altered Red Fox with an unusually immense intellect. This sly being took advantage of the weakened corporation and obtained the highest seat possible by remotely disabling their CEO’s engines and weapons systems right next to a pirate outpost. As the corporation grew under his rule, it began searching more sectors for newer things to discover! As their old “kill everything and run away” motto was erased, a new one took place; “Evolution is our only salvation.” And with progress on his mind, he set out to gather every bit of technology in existance, and make it better, faster, stronger, and most importantly, more profitable! And with aliens all about, there was seemingly no limit to this visionary’s imagination!”


Rank 7+ in any faction.

Rank 10+ (non-premium) grants you instant approval.

Time to spend in-game exceeding 1-2 hours per day.

Skype is a plus.


Generally a PvE/Invasion corp. If you are a PvP-er, you will still be accepted, but will rarely see any other members in-flight.

We need a Sector Conquest team that is reasonably good at what they do.

If you need cred fast, I am happy to do a bit of invasion farming for you. It seems to be extremely profitable with a Spatial Scanner.

To apply:

Please leave your in-game username, ranks in all three factions, and your primary ship roles. (Ship roles will not affect your application, I’m just curious)

You will also need to give a rough estimate of the time you can spend in-game.

I think we’re done! If you want to join, follow the procedure above! Have a great day! X3