old times

Can you remeber

This was so much fun


it was very basic at this stage and battles where skill

Oh. Oh. Oh no. Oh dear. Now I have to go find my oldest screenshot of the hangar.


IMG_20190209_205541_872.thumb.jpg.506152d3ebc3f03c2437b7aecc3fd22e.jpgI don’t think this is my oldest one bc it was from steam, but just. Look. XD](<fileStore.core_Attachment>/monthly_2019_02/IMG_20190209_205541_872.jpg.bbd8934dc5c1606664452e67571e8611.jpg)





[Loved it back when all game info was displayed on the same screen. And when you could get whole modules upgraded to Mk2 or Mk4 from loot.](<fileStore.core_Attachment>/monthly_2019_02/212070_screenshots_2013-04-30_00001.jpg.9d6527d653cad329333ed137a50fb211.jpg)


I miss the dual ammo and missile types. The game lost a bit of complexity there, sadly.

What it lost in variable ammo, it gained in infinite ammo. Still kinda meh, but hey what can you do.


Y’all remember the ELRF flower of death?

The red glowing flower (supposed lens flare?) that would randomly appear, then you’d take massive damage or die. XD

It took me weeks to figure out that it was just a sniper laser.

Jericho frigates were also more fun to play back then too. Every one of them had a torpedo for its special module, and all frigs had 6 turrets. Those were the good old days.

Not a bugreport

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Not a bugreport

Moved to proper location. Didn’t even see it here lol

When there were no destroyers, no gravi lenses,no ugly elly ships,no warping gunships, no hologram ecms, no special modules,no spaceball,no devourer. And there were more corps with more active players,tourneys held at 1 am with teams made of full corp wings…

I almost forgot…no bots in PvP. Also than had more maps in rotation,when T3 tourney was a thing