Old player, new patch

I had a long bout of not playing this game due to a lack of buds to play with, none of my normal friends were into it.


I recently joined a gaming community that plays this game and i am getting back into gear.


While my patcher loads i want to know a few things.



  1. Were there any account wipes since January of last year?


  1. What are the biggest changes since January of Last year?


  1. If there werent any forced wipes, are there any ways for me to reset my account manually?

1.There were no account wipes that I am aware of.


2.That would be either the introduction of Tier 5 or the weapon system reowrk.


3.Hmm… tough one that. I don’t have a clue about reseting accounts.

Welcome back.

  1. No, and there won’t be.

  2. The game got turned upside down every second patch. For you pretty much everything will be different from advancement over ship roles over the weapons over… just play the game and find out.

  3. It’s free 2 play, you can always start a new account even though I fail to see why you would want to

With games that have inventory like systems, coming in after a thousand updates usually results in fucked up, over complicated inventories and xxxx i don’t want or need that clutter and etc etc don’t know what i do and don’t need etc.


Always preferred to have a fresh start in what is pretty much a new game.

it is not that much new, that a restart of an account would make sense, you would only have to redo unlocking ships from tier 1; while many old items you may possess even are maybe quite nice to have.


Also, if you were in last january, you might still have bought your ships with your overall level in a faction, meaning, you might have “jumped over” ships in the ship tree, giving you quite a head start in the new system.


while it does have an inventory system, all items in that system are parts you equip on ships; I agree with your sentiment on an MMO where you have clustered up items you don’t know in your inventory, but i think, in SC it’s better to steadily continue;