old Dvergr thumbnail model is not replaced by a new one




Bug report: (1.1.7 update) - Dvergr T1 Empire Recon ship model thumbnail


As you can see in the ship’s tree, the thumbnail icon of Dvergr model is the same, compared with the old Dvergr icon. (check 1st screenshot from the top)

It needs to be replaced and matched with a new thumbnail model, under ship’s tree for all 4 Dvergr ship variations.

Those model icons are: Dvergr, Dvergr 2, Dvergr Knight, King Dvergr model. It must also apply for the ship slot.

Yup I noticed that as well.

But did you notice the Patriarch oh woops!

It is not a critical issue. 

It is not a critical issue. 

It breaks immersion.

However, you got more pressing priorities, so this can be put aside. :slight_smile: