Okay, what the h just happened?

All of my stats have been reset, and there was zero word about this.

Well, I was originally Empire, but then I decided to give the Federation a try after getting the faction select screen again.

When did you play the last time? There was a wipe from closed beta to open beta.

>“wipe from closed beta to open beta”


Anyway, I chose Federation {Vanguard} this time :/. Kind of a mistake. I liked the Empire ships bettah, especially the heavier ships. The Fed ships are boxy as boxing boxes. I guess I could earn reputation or something >_>

You should be able to buy the T1 ships from the empire and than just complete the contracts from an empire faction so you can get better ships there.

Sweeeet. I figured as much since you can not only earn prestige, but you can also do contracts with them.

Thanks for your help!

Sure no problem. If you have any questions just let me know.