[OD]Strangest occurance....

So yesterday I was playing T3 as usual, and it took 15 minutes to find a match. While loading everything went crazy it said everyone disconnected except me then everything became black then it went back to loading but this time it was just me against nobody, there was no one on my team, no enemies, my name was changed to parent, and I had 3 premium jericho T2 ships. 







please attach the game.log from that session where the bug occoured.


It will help us locate the problem and fix it.


Please upload the game.log as zip archive!

Okay, THAT is weird. 

Wow! This one is interesting. Please attach your logs!

Weird in a whole new level.

Here it is. 


I included chat log because if you notice right around when that happens it says i disconnect from chat, as if i left the client. 



[SCbug.zip](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=5933)

acording to your screen shot one of my guys was in there with you ill ask him what happened to his end