[OD]Stasis durations overly reduced.

For starters, there’s this recent thread:


[http://forum.star-conflict.com/index.php?/topic/20831-stasys-effect-how-can-some-peole-get-out-so-fast/](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/20831-stasys-effect-how-can-some-peole-get-out-so-fast/)


While playing a few days ago I had the problem happen to me against a guard frigate.  In the match, it has an 83% reduction in time for stasis, and a 65% reduction in time for the ion emitter.  Assuming the Jericho R2 implant, and an Mk.III proton wall, it should only be a 56% reduction.  Since there hasn’t been further discussion in that thread, I’m posting it here.


Game logs are attached, it’s the first match.

[2013.08.08 18.03.33.zip](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=6496)

Browsed the log 2 times, and there is nothing wrong with the duration. Either the Target is killed or the debuff worn off.


But i have already seen the same in some battles by myself. Stasis worn off instantly or does not apply its debuff.



You can reduce the Stun by the implant as well as by the cpu mod, but added up it will be a reduction, as already stated in the thread you linked, of 56% with mk3.


The Idea of Federation Implant Rank 8 is interresting. I need to test this on my own.


What else remains is that the Empire Rank 14 will release the Ship of the Stasis as well as prevent debuffs for the next 7 seconds.

If you look at the start and end times, you see that the duration is far less than should be capable with implants and modules alone.  It was applied, but the duration is shorter than what is “known” to be possile.  It was only .69 seconds.  Even if the game had a bug that caused it to be treated as Mk.I it should have lasted at least 1.32 seconds.  My ECM has experimental stasis and ion emitter, 4.1 seconds for stasis and 8.4 seconds for ion emitter.  This was in T3, so any T5 implant won’t have an effect.