[OD] Cycle Next Weapon Modifier

cycle next / previous weapon modifier key is not working as intended?



Charactername: - Kine
What did you expect to see: - Clicking next or previous should seamlessly cycle between modules no interruptions

What happened: - Clicking ‘Next’ after the last module deactivates all weapon modifier mods. To activate the first module you need to click ‘Next’ again
What was your last action: - This is ongoing


for example:

say I have 2 weapon modifier modules fitted

clicking next 1 time = activate 2nd module

clicking next 2 times = deactivate all modules <---- this shouldn’t be there

clicking next 3 times = activate 1st module

Well , in T4 you got three weapon modifiers . So in T2/T3 while switching through them you cant see it but it is the third slot unlocked at T4


PS: But yeah , i think it would be more comfortable to NOT be able to switch to the empty slot. Its not gamebraking but a little annyoing :wink:


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i aggre a option in setting to flet me chose if i whant a continue cicle or not is realy appreciate. A option is fine becouse can choise to put some different weapon mods and choise to not use at all.

Actually this is no real bug. Since all 3 Modslots are available from the very beginning (even T1 has it) you can freely switch between all of them. They are only hidden in T2 and T3’s.


Actually this gives you an advantage. You can use 2 Mods as well as the standart weapon. In T2 I agree this is something you dont need. You only have 2 Mods per weapon total.


In T3 however the possibilty to have the standart weapon, while using 2 diffrent kinds of mods is not bad.


In this case i will ad a proposal for a change. It will look like this: Add a Placeholder for the 3rd Weapon Mod for T3’s. Do not allow the switch to select the 3rd Modslot for T2’s.

Not a bug, but annoying at first. I guess it’s important for e.g. the plasma users, who may have a kinetic and a supernova mod equiped, but also want to do EM damage without penalties sometimes. However, you get used to it pretty fast. You can even tell by a special activation tone when no mod is being selected. That helped me a lot…