[OD]Captain hide inside rock



we just recognized you can glitch inside rocks in PvP.

Like the beacon in PvE one could “enter” the rock.

Unless you can not escape no one can hit you.


This is an unfair advantage for a Captain.




its know that it can happen, what they want are screenshots and video’s if possible

Dropbox-Link for JPG:


all i see is a captain hiding in the husk of an old space station/ship/whatever which you can easily get into as well and can easily damage him in.


No bug is seen from your current screenshot if you ask me.

I went in there (although I wasn’t the captain)


covops couldn’t figure out how to get in so he dropped a nuke beside me instead. I lol’d as I died.


last player alive on team :slight_smile:

one time got stucked with emp bomb in some debris, lost 2 min trying to get out, my team wasnt very happy. had to suicide,