[OD] [BUG] Intereraction between ship has problem!


I was playing in reconnaisance mode. As captain, i stayed back and waited with my engineer friends.

Then a fighter attack our little group at maximum speed. He bumped into me, and die.The impact was so hard that my ship started to go backward at a huge speed, (almost like microwend speed) while turning in all directions. I guess each time i reached the end of the map i was resend to my previous location because i was teleported back.

It finally stoped when i got hit by a missile, which is weird that he caught me at my speed.


On the screenshot look at my weird speed!

here is a screenshot:



Indeend, i already had this bug and im still trying to track it down. Only info i have till now is that is is related to explosions in general. I had it with nukes 2 times. Also collisions can trigger this glitch.


i will try to make a video for the devs. Is a total wieredo glitch

ok thanks!