[OD]3 days, 3 logins, only 2 rewards


Since the update that introduced the login reward, I have been online three days in a row. In fact I think I’ve been online each day since I started playing this game.

So now you get a reward for each day you login. On the first day I got my “first day”-reward, all cool, but yesterday on the second day, I didn’t get my “second day”-reward and today I’ve recieved again the “first day”-reward.


What it should be:

day 1:   5000cr

day 2: 10000cr

day 3: 15000cr


What it is for me:

day 1: 5000cr

day 2: nothing

day 3: 5000cr

Can confirm this,although the issue for me is :

day 1: 5000 cr

day 2 : counts as day 1 and gives me 5000 cr instead of 10000 cr.

So yeah,fix your daily bonus!


you guys still have your starting faction buffs ???


Today i got a crash, and my rewards got resetted fro mday 3 to day 1 too, after that and some login problems, it seems i dont get the starting federation buff anymore, all my ships lost the 2% hull and shield buff …

There have been some changes to the reward system.

In case it happens again, please make a new report including game.logs.