Oculus Rift does not work, option not selectable

Hello everyone!

The option for Oculus Rift can not be selected. As if I didn’t connect a Rift.
Thanks for your help.


Oculus Rift don’t support since Oculus SDK v.0.4.5

14 hours ago, Skula1975 said:

Oculus Rift don’t support since Oculus SDK v.0.4.5

One question!

It was promised multiple times that there will be added the latest support for Oculus Rift over a year ago.

If so, when do you plan to update it, if ever?

Since Oculus SDK 0.4.5 DirectX11 strongly needed. Because we haven’t wanted lost our players with Win Vista and early, we don’t support latest Oculus Rift versions.

2 hours ago, Skula1975 said:

Since Oculus SDK 0.4.5 DirectX11 strongly needed. Because we haven’t wanted lost our players with Win Vista and early, we don’t support latest Oculus Rift versions.

I see. Thank you for your answer.

hello everyone!
vista nowadays supports directx11, see:
so now there is no more reason not to implement directx 11 and reactivate the oculus rift!

dear developers, implement directx11 now and re enable the checkbox for activating the oculus rift :)!!!
i LOVE your game and would play it for hours everyday, maybe i would buy ingame content for real life money, who knows?^^ but since i played it in my oculus rift, i cannot play it without the rift anymore, its not fun anymore without VR. with the rift its a hole other game, one of the best action game experiences i had in my whole life (im 36 ;)) and THE BEST VR experience at all! so you can guess, me and many other ex-rift-star conflict players wont come back as long as we cant play in our vr sets… on the other hand, as i said, me and many other oculus users will return to star conflict immediately if we get the message that oculus is supported again, as your implementation of the headset was perfect, we could even see the chat in our vr set… dudes what a shame taking that out of the game with not adapting to dx11… but im full of hope, now that dx11 is supported even on the vista systems of yesteryear, you really could make the transition to dx11 PLEASE, you will only gain users, promote it, you still got our mail adresses right? imagine all the old oculus rift DK2 users plus the new CV1 users coming to star conflict, checking it out, finding THE VR experience of their lifes and stay to play it dayly and buy your ingame stuff. many would, believe me, the amount of really good vr games for the rift without the need of motion controllers is very little (DK2 has no motion controllers, only CV1 has, so for DK2 users, it makes the number of playable vr games even smaller)! besides eve valkyrie and elite dangerous, there are no vr games even similar to star conflict, so you can be the best vr game again if youd do implement dx11 and the rift… at least, you could make a dx11 version of the game in adition to the one thats actually used and let the player chose the directx version he wants to use in the launcher, wouldnt that work in every case? i mean i see this in many other games, being able to choose wich dx version to use before starting the game…

I swear i will give you real euros if you implement oculus rift again ;), please let me know when you did, or even better dear developers: answer in this threat, will you implement it now that vista has dx11 or still not, if not why? and if not, DELETE THAT OPTION RELATED TO THE OCULUS RIFT FROM THE OPTIONS MENU IF IT CANT BE USED!!! you are spreading false hopes with letting the oculus rift options in the game with no functionality, people think they got something wrong with their rift or computer config if you do, they format their systems and invest hours of configurating and trial and error into trying to get their rift support back, cause they can see the option to activate it, its there, just cant tick it, hmm maybe my windows installation is wrong, ill format and make a whole new system… still the checkbox wont tick, hmmm… you get it? you make people angry with doing so and make them hate you for spreading these false hopes and making them investing hours being not informed and missleaded. delete the oculus rift options, or let people know that it doesnt work and why! so they wont spend hours trying to get it running like i did until i found this threat, you have to INFORM people dear developers, not mislead them with offering juicy options like vr support if there is none, please!

so now please answer, will the rift come back to star conflict, now that there is no more reason not to switch to dx11?

some last words to you vista users:
why dont you use win7 at least, why vista? you can buy windows 10 for around 20 euro in the internet, legal. i myself refused win10 very long and thought win7 was the best win ever, but with win10 you can use the rift and so i tried it and i dont regret it, from my point of view its not worse than win7, i run it all the time and had no issues yet and i use my computers in many different ways, so i can tell… i would be very interested to know the reasons for still using vista, no offense, plz vista users, answer me, maybe then i could understand you guyz at least, its so frustrating not being able to play the game in VR just because of others using vista, asuming this version is no longer used for over a decade now, sorry.

best regards