Objects, Drones and Effects not scaling with PvE levels

Okay well this thread has been a long time coming - this is a compliation of objects, drones and effects that currently  DO NOT  scale with PvE levels. If it scales with one but not the other then it can be included to the list.


If you know of any modules, special modules, missiles or passive modifiers that aren’t on the list then please mention them as this thread aims to detail all current items that are not functioning with the power and defence levels correctly.



  • Remote Minelayer               (Vigilant)
  • ‘Shadow’ Mine                     (Spiral - MiG form)
  • ‘Banshee’ system                (Ghost)
  • ‘Constellation’ Generator     (Hercules Rage, Prometheus Fire - Projectile damage)
  • Isotope Harvester                (Tyrant - Projectile damage)
  • Alien Satellites                     (Waz’got - drone damage when activated)
  • Quark-beamer                     (Achilles, Lightbringer)



  • Heavy Repair Drone            (Repair strength)
  • Autonomous battle station   (Hammerhead - Station durability)
  • Waz’Got battle station          (Waz’got - Station durability) 
  • Tactical Shielding                 (Object NY18 - Overshield durability)
  • Regenerating Shield            (Reaper - Overshield durability)
  • Light coil mortar                   (Machete S, Sword S - Overshield durability)
  • Protective Sphere                (Waz’got - Overshield durability)
  • Amplifying Shields               (Phoenix - Overshield durability)
  • Plasma Devastator              (Alligator-C, T-rex MkII - Shield regen)
  • Crystaline Swarm                (Ze’ta - Regen, Durability)
  • Hull Converter                     (Waz’got - Hull drain → Ally repair)
  • Phase demodulator             (Endeavour - Overshield durability)
  • Repelling Shield                  (Katana S - Overshield durability)
  • ‘Prometheus’ Defence         (Prometheus X - Overshield durability)
  • Holoship                              (Hologram spawns with base durability)





This list is a work in progress so as things get tested/confirmed it should be updated.

_ Current corrections _:

-Waz’got battlestation is scaling with power and defence for regenerative effects
-Hull converter is seemingly not scaling with defence levels (for both hull drain and ally repair)

              -Attempting to heal a level 1 ally in PvE took several seconds despite a difference of over 60 defence levels

-Added phase demodulator

-Added Repelling shield

-Added Prometheus Defense

-Added Amplifying Shields (needs confirmation)

              -Seemingly literally every overshield effect in the game is not scaling

-Added Constellation generator

              -projectile damage isn’t scaling

-Added Isotope Harvester

              -projectile damage isn’t scaling

              -shield regen is scaling

-Added Alien Satellites

              -drone damage is not scaling when sent to other players

-Added Quark-beamer

              -damage was too consistent between OS test and PvE

Nice job, ill add this to the list of things to do.

One sore i remember is that Thar’ga’s Crystal Predator doesn’t scale with PvE power level, yet Hive does.

Keep em coming fellas ![:D](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/006j.png “:D”)

Destroyer module damage at destruction and module durability 

15 hours ago, ComwpODG said:

One sore i remember is that Thar’ga’s Crystal Predator doesn’t scale with PvE power level, yet Hive does.

I’ll double check it in PvE today since some of the old exclusions like wazzie station were silently fixed apparently


10 hours ago, balnazzar said:

Destroyer module damage at destruction and module durability 

As far as I know they do scale but due to the pitiful base HP value (3,000 average) it barely helps at all thanks to the fact we’re still dealing with that small objects nerf completely gutting modules on Destroyers through shields.



EDIT: Checked Crystal Predator and it was scaling (saw 10k damage a tick @ 79 power)


SECOND EDIT: Checked Destroyer modules - they are scaling.

I can’t believe I forgot about Holoship not scaling.
Added to the list I guess.