O.Winker missing in Eden Station - FIXED


I came back to the game about 1 month ago and as everyone else i need every little monocrystal i can get…


I was told to do Open Space missions for an NPC to daily get 1 crystal, but the NPC i was told to talk to, doesn’t appear on my list of characters.

Several players has tried to help me figure out why i can’t get this O.Winker to spawn - to no avail.


I am Rank14 with Federation, R6 with Empire and R8 with Jericho.

I did the opening quests to gather fuels outside the station in Eden.

I have ran a full filecheck and my files are perfectly fine.


But O.Winker is stil not spawning in Eden Station. I have even tried wrapping up daily quests in the other faction-stations and this doens’t help.

So currently i’ve been missing out on aprox 30+ crystals - and that’s alot.





/Edit.   The main quest from S.Galo was for some reason either disabled or not showing as active quest. But after the downtime her quest showed up again as acceptable, which led to O.Winkers spawning.