[O] Voice Chat absolutely not functional

There’s an in game voice chat option, cool. Pity it’s so terribly broken.


When I load up the menu, it claims I have about 12 recording devices all named “???##??##”. When I hit “refresh”, the list is replaced by about as many devices named "                                                    ".


Two screenshots, one before refresh, one after.



Hello, could you attach the following information?



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Seems that voice chat is working well, it recognizes my microphone device and no one reported bugs of the microphone selection so far, so it could be a problem of you




I will forward this anyway hoping you can be helped.

Hello, could you attach the following information?


ill forward this anyway hoping you can be helped.

I suppose he is using Linux, so maybe is a conflict with some build and the client.

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Didn’t I already do that?


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  1. What could I possibly add to what I had already written?

  2. Well gee, I really don’t know why I think this might be a bug. Maybe because it doesn’t work at all?

  3. When I load StarConflict

  4. Load StarConflict

  5. What does more information mean?

  6. DXDiag says I don’t have DirectX installed, is this a problem?

  7. How do I screenshoot?

  8. I can’t find my “My Documents” directory.


Ok, seriously though, I’m running it on Linux through Steam, which pretty much means that there’s nothing I can tell you that would help, because Steam overrides the dynamic library search path, which means that it doesn’t matter what distro I’m using. But I’m using Ubuntu 14.04 x64 and it’s completely up to date, and it’s very stock, a fresh install of 14.04 x64 will yield a byte for byte identical installation to what I’m running, after you update it.


If this was a graphics glitch I’d tell you my video card and driver revision. Sound on Linux however, it means absolutely nothing. PulseAudio is the most anyone ever needs to know. Software doesn’t have permission to know any more than that. I can tell you Steam Voice Chat works perfectly. Also it’s still broken on

Have the same problem with ubuntu 14.10 x64 and steam. Exactly the same. It just shows weird characters in the microphone selection. The number of options there seems to be independent from the number of actually installed microphone devices.

same here, though I would list the massive amount of crashing when completing missions in invasion as a higher priority. I try to address one thing at a time. 


I also can’t believe you guys consider this game a release, these ARE BETA ISSUES

I also can’t believe you guys consider this game a release, these ARE BETA ISSUES

Linux support is always a perpetual beta.  I use FreeBSD on my desktop, so I know your pains and more.