[O] SR-X rank 14 Implant

In it’s description,it says that this implant “Increases hull damage resistance by 75 points for 7 seconds for when the ship’s shields are first lost”,but it is active only for 5 seconds…I tested it with my Aura in AttackedSectors,I let myself attacked by some bots untill my shield was downed,closely watching the buff bar,when the hull resistance countdown appeared,it started to count from 5 seconds,instead of 7,as written in the description…was this implant nerfed by the Devs,or is a bug?I mean,those 2 seconds can mean a lot in a PvP…



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OK,I will try to make a video,being the only way of showing a proof,but I think anyone can see this if they have the implant installed,and can aprove me…

it is not about we don’t believe you, no

It is just how bug reports forwarded to developers to fix them, it has to be in clear manner and that is why we have a standard form for that. If you clearly describe it and attach session logs, that be enough, if it is not to much of a hassle to make short video, sure why not, but it is not mandatory

Also, just look at your game log.

I will test this as well. Who wants to melt me with an Ion Emitter? xP

There is nothing to test, it is not working description does not much duration. It is about people start using proper form of report.

where logs?

The report will remain [O] Open until the player gives the proper info.