[O] No update on OS X client?

I have Star Conflict installed via Steam.

When i start the game today i get the message that my client is outdated.


I believe updating is meant to happen automatically via Steam? And i can’t find any downloads for Mac on the homepage.

This is happening to me as well. My client version is Upon trying to login, either through steam or email/password i recieve the popup “Lost Connection To Server - Reason: Bad client version. Update your client or download the latest version from our site. [link href=http://star-conflict.com/en/registration’ text='http://starconflict.com]”


All download links on the main website are for the windows version (.exe launcher file). When will this be updated?






Early 09 Macbook Pro.

Mac downloads are only available through steam.

Restart steam to fix this problem and download the latest version

Does the problem still occur? 

If it does, please update this topic.