[O]Losing EMP-Bomb without reason

Today I used my new Standard T1 dagger in an emp-bomb match. I burned to a close bomb, took it, and went straight for the next beacon. Scanners were free, and pressing “t” showed me that the nearest enemy was about 5.000 m away, with several of my team mates attacking. So there was no enemy ship beetween me and the enemy beacon. The second EMP bomb was also in my team’s hands, and when the message “Your team has lost the EMP bomb” flashed, i thought of the second one. So I reached the beacon and - surprise - the bomb that had been lost was my own, floating about 5.000 m behind me in space, just being taken by an enemy ship.


I have experienced this issue several times, and it comes in different flavours.


  • Ship types: I experienced it with Dvergr 2, Dvergr Knight and Dagger so far

  • It can happen when under enemy fire or not being chased at all

  • it can happen while dodging wildly or while flying straight

  • Frequency: now and then; sometimes I manage to install a bomb, sometimes I lose it on my way there.


I want to point out that I used neither active modules nor special modules (cocoon / microwarp drive); the only thing I did was keeping Shift pressed (for afterburners), and that most of the time.


Is using modules / being killed the only possibility to lose the bomb in normal circumstances or are there other implemented reasons too?


System specs: My Computer uses

  • Intel Core i5 CPU 760 @ 2.80 GHz

  • 4 GM RAM

  • OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit / Service Pack 1

  • Game settings: all details on full


Log files: see attached


– Skorp

[2013.06.14 21.40.37.zip](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=6192)

The only way that could happen on the Dagger is if you pressed F for the invulnerability skill.


The only things that make you drop the bomb are:


  • Death (either by Self-destruction or being actually killed);

  • Emergency Barrier (T2 and up);

  • Microwarp Engine;

  • Metastasis Field Generator.


That I know of, nothing else makes you drop the bomb, so that’s an interesting, albeit unfortunate, happening.