I started the game for the first time and played through the (useless) tutorial, but I can only fire (expensive) missiles. Left click makes the ship roll, even though the key bind is set up right. Speaking of key bind, I go into the key binds menu and it has all of the text cropped with the bottom half missing!!! Also, the escape menu stays on the screen and covers it up, making it harder to read!!!


iMac 2011 - OSX Lion


Keybind bug already reported by multiple users,

Left click issue can’t be resolved through menu as a result. Theres no point in playing if I can’t fire!!! Im just wasting my own and my teammates time!

On windows there is the following path:
My Documents/My Games/Star Conflict.


Please check on your mac for an equal path and delete the content of the Star Conflict folder. It will reset everything to basic and should set fire to the left mouse button again.

The issue with escape menu staying on screen has already been resolved, I suppose this or the next hot fix will remove the problem. 


Now, back to the left click problem. Please fill in these two parts, it will help me to see if the bug is already in work and if it’s not, then process the bug faster:



If the bug is reproduceable, please describe the steps to reproduce the bug: -


Attach the game logs from the session to your post. Only the logs from the session where the bug occured.

(On Mac log file can usually be found around there:  /Users/***/Library/Application Support/StarConflict/)