[O]last man standing

Dear Error


My game id is ProfessorS. I just fought a battle in which I am pretty sure that I was the last pilot of my team to survive, and we win the battle.


It was a T1 battle (captian kill type). both captains were killed and our side had more kills. I was facing two more enemies so I decided to run for win and I did.


but when I checked my medals I found that I didn’t get the meda: last man standing.


Could you check the battle data or whatever would give the details of the battle and see that I should get that medal.


It is really hard to reach the standard of this medal and I don’t know whether I could do that again, and I really really want that medal and I am 100% sure I reach the standard during that match.


the battle was happened about 10mins ago if that could help you to check.


thanks and please please theck the data.



Happened to me, too (same, but in T3 and I actually managed to kill the last two opponents before the time was up). 

I guess that medal only counts for “Capture the Beacon” aka “Realistic”. 

I’ve had medals not get awarded as well. I had achieved the 20 drone kills medal and I even verified it on the return screen. But it was never actually given to me.

battle logs or it didnt happen. Medals and such will be logged there.