[O] Key bindings



the text in menu-> key bindings is unreadable. It’s cut in a half like this.


Please attach a screenshot and follow this [guide](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/19384-how-to-report-graphic-issues/).

Charactername: - Exodus12


What did you expect to see: - Key bindings menu in a readable fashion


What happened: - The text for all the keybindings is cropped halfway up the characters


What was your last action: - Hit Esc, choose ‘keybindings’ 


If the bug is reproduceable, please describe the steps to reproduce the bug: - Yes, repeat last action.


Screenshot attached. post-236172-0-10724200-1366988806.png




Same bug here! Do you also get the problem where you can’t left click to fire, and thats why you went into key binds?

Problem with Key bindings menu is resolved, should be fixed in next hotfix (if not already).

The problem with left click is in work.

Can’t wait for this hotfix. Problem still persists.

Hello, first post on this forum


I discovered and tested briefly SC yesterday, and I must say it looks promising, and of course full of little criters :wink:


There’re probably a lot more I’ll discover along the way, but right now, I’d really just like to be able to modify my keybinds, as the game concept is awesome, but those controls are hell…


In short, same problem: Can’t read anything because it’s cut in half, same as screenshot from Exodus (I’ll upload a screen as soon as I figure out how :stuck_out_tongue: )


Soooo, any solution?

Six weeks passed, still happening.

Yes i have same key binding problem > It is cut out & barely readable > But i work around this by making screen bright & trying to figure out what it says so i can bind keys…