[O]Ion Emitter Turret Amunation BUG

(sorry for my english) In T2 ships all weapons you can buy have his own turret amunation but i see a bug that force me to buy again the Xenon Lamp for the Ion Emitter weapon every time i replace the weapon,


-I have Ion Emitter MK3 whit Xenon lamp MK3, then i replace that wepon with other and his respective ammunation, i go for a battle and when i return back to the hangar at the end and if i switch for the Laser weapon i have to buy again the Xenon Lamp. This only happend with that weapon whit others i dont have to buy bcz it say i have it.




Please follow the report [guide](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/19744-how-to-report-bugs/).