[O]Engine Suppressor and Fox ship bonus

The Fox provides 50% bonus to tackler module effects. However, the actual bonus to engine suppressors is much less. Might be done on purpose for balance reasons, but should be stated correctly in the ship’s description then.

Actual bonus:

Mk.I - 44% -> 55% = +25%

Mk.II - 50% -> 60% = +20%

Mk.III - 58% -> 68% = +17%

PS: The target painter is the only tackler module bonused for the full 50%. The inhibitor beam receives no bonus at all from the ship.

Needs some more Infos about how its calculated.

Needs some more Infos about how its calculated.

You mean what the game is actually doing? I’m a player, not a dev, wrong person to ask.

But from a player’s perspective either the ship’s description or the bonus are incorrect, regardless of how is calculated. So this is clearly a bug.

:facepalm:  Im going to get some more details, sorry my bad.