Nyx Ship Damage

I was in a battle today in a beacon hunt PvP flying my Nyx, when this other nyx came out of cloak by me and killed me. It wasn’t until I saw the death recap that I realized how he killed me so fast. Something on or about his ship (the Nyx) had damaged me for a lot of thermal damage. The death recap said that the ship itself was what caused the final blow on me, and was registered as the killing ship as well. I have attached today’s log because I didn’t get a screenshot because I was too amazed by the happenstance.


13:20:06.300 CMBT | Killed TheDarkRedFox Ship_Race2_S_T3_Pirate; killer lEDORAS
13:20:06.300 CMBT | Participant drankelll Ship_Race3_L_T3_Faction1 totalDamage 1612.53; mostDamageWith ‘LargeShipExplodeBlastWave’;
13:20:06.300 CMBT | Participant DrekoLord Ship_Race3_M_T2_Faction2 totalDamage 4304.19; mostDamageWith ‘Weapon_Railgun_Basic_T3_Mk1’; <debuff>
13:20:06.300 CMBT | Participant lEDORAS Ship_Race2_S_T3_Pirate totalDamage 3090.47; mostDamageWith ‘Ship_Race2_S_T3_Pirate’; <debuff>
13:20:06.300 CMBT | Participant drankelll Ship_Race3_L_T3_Faction1 totalDamage 1357.24; mostDamageWith ‘Module_SmartBomb_T3_Mk1’; <debuff>

Did a search for -just- instances of him dealing damage to me and found this little line of info:

13:20:06.299 CMBT | Damage lEDORAS -> TheDarkRedFox 3355.59 Ship_Race2_S_T3_Pirate THERMAL|EXPLOSION

[game1.log](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=9740)

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how do you expect us to find within all of this text data where exactly 1 ship killed you??? At least gives us search points - name of the killer, time, PvP game mode, give us something, other wise no one is going to look into this.

I posted the log of his kill. two of the logs I gave were yesterdays that slipped in somehow. I’m looking for just the log bits where he interacts with me and posting them in spoilers.


I did some testing in a custom battle with another Nyx, but nothing I did to him, nor he to me, could replicate the results.

How fast did he kill you? There is a new thermal weapon for interceptors.

It looks like you got killed by three ships… Sure you weren’t low on shields? Nyx has 2600 hull which is hardly a missile…

It’s not how fast he killed me. I don’t care about that. It’s how he damaged me.

I was damaged by his ship , not a weapon or module.

Did he crash into you? Maybe the new weapons don’t have a name and it tells you the ship instead. The in game combat log should give you another conformation next time.

Given that you died from 3k damage seems like you were low on health…

Also it’s funny how that other pilot did the most damage to you via ship explosion :slight_smile:

I was at a standstill by a beacon. Anyone could damage me how they wanted. Xp

I’ve been damaged by all of the new weapons, and they all have their proper names attached to them. I really wish that I had taken a screenshot, because it looked really cool having a ship in the damage review tab.

Also given that this is the first time I’ve heard of or seen this happen, it has to relate to the ship, or some other mechanic introduced in the 1.2 patch.

I think someone else posted a picture of getting killed by a “kite” in the death recap. Also a cov ops so maybe the reactor overload or something else to do with cov ops?

Self destruct module dude.



What I’ve been saying this whole time… It’s the Death Kite! The Kite of Punishment!

That’s what happened to me, except it was the Nyx that killed me. XD