Now I know what kind of phone the dev is using...

So I was browsing the ring tones and alarm tones in my Sony xperia phone…

Antares, Procyon, Osmium, Castor, Iridium, Beryllium, Rubidium…plus some other interesting names

Would be funny if the new Destroyers, resources had some of these names ;p

Okey, Osmium or Rubidium ? I wonder

Well, these names aren’t all just made up after all. In fact, some of SC makes even a bit of abstract sense. Beryllium for example does in fact have a scarcity in the universe, since the lowest “heavy” element created from stars is usually carbon or higher. It’s not that scarce however, you should find couple thousand tons of it in any star system…

But more in detail, I think the coincidence is the new “Material Design” principle. The periodic table got “classy” now.

You could also look at fantasy themes and find Katanas, Swords and Lances ![:p](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/004.png “:p”)



Beryllium is in microwave ovens and certain speakers

Just a coincidence I believe  ![:004j:](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/004j.png “:004j:”) but now we have a place, where to find some new names)

New ships announced: “Autumn Leaves” and “Summernight Olive”

Aka Fed camo and that yuk khaki olive colour :stuck_out_tongue:

On ‎7‎/‎6‎/‎2016 at 11:08 AM, RennieAshII said:


Would be funny if the new Destroyers, resources had some of these names ;p

Well both the other destroyer parts (Neodium and Beryllium) can be found in open space (some items renamed due to these names being used for destroyers)

The two most likely candidates for the third mystery component, to me anyway, are:

  1. Rubidium

  2. Palladium


Rubidium would be the more likely one to be used, considering the color pattern they are following so far, Blue Green _____, what other color pattern that we see literally everywhere in the game could this be, than RGB, Red Green Blue, the game is MADE of this color pattern yo, cause of the pixels… no? ok nvm, anyway, its probably going to be one of those two, more likely Rubidium because it sounds like Ruby which is a red gemstone, and yea, RGB yo, 3 colors, 3 destroyers per faction, 3 classes of ships per ship type (excluding destroyers, wish they would use my idea for the defender class, but that’s kinda op a bit… as if dessies aren’t already op tho), 3 factions, 3 stations, 3 core systems in Federation space, Empire has six letters, and the other two factions don’t, what’s six letters divided by two other factions? that’s right, 3. What shape has three sides? A triangle. Triangles are what most games use to comprise their 3d models. Gaijin has 3 major release titles, there are 3 competitions in my signature, there are 3 active modules in your signature, there are 3 medals in your signature, and 3 weapons being fired in your signature, there are 3 alien  sectors, there are six sectors without station protection, two of them are in Unknown Space, whats six divided by two again? That’s right, again, 3. There are 3 Star Conflict News tabs open on my browser right now, my brother has been in the shower for 3 hours, I think he died. Oh never mind he’s been out for a while now. I have 3 Microsoft Word Documents open right now with information on Star Conflict, I have 3 three hard drives in my computer. Everything makes sence, Star Conflict is illuminati, there’s even a giant triangle as their logo yo, what the heck yo, where did it go, what the heck bro, I don’t know, I made 3 rhymes there that were not ‘yo’ everything in this post is illuminati confirmed.


Oh, and I’m karma level 3, I think… I think I was wrong… Star Conflict isn’t illuminati… its… its me that’s illuminati… Illuminati McBites Confirmed