Novice player looking for a Jericho corp.

Greetings fellow pilots,


I have been playing Star Conflict for almost a year now, but I never saw the benefit of becoming part of a corporation. With the new “Attacked Sectors” mode I am beginning to see why it may be better to be part of a group. 


I am looking for a Jericho corporation that is active, and is ok that I am not the most experienced of players. I primarily use the command class, but I have been known to use covert ops when necessary. Furthermore, I have rarely grouped up untill this point, but I would like to start.


In case you are curious my stats page is attached.


I realize these stats arn’t the best, but I am willing to improve if you will let me. If you have anymore questions I would be happy to provide the needed info.







[star conflict stats.pdf](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=7830)

GoD will happily recruit you if you are willing to work as a team :slight_smile:

Come meet us on TS: if you are interested.  There should be someone on most of the time, just look in the Star Conflict channels and right click and send them a message.

Nice stats, seems like your on your way yto be a pro very soon. Keep it up!