noticable jitter in menues with Oculus

Hi all,


I have been experimenting a lot with the DK2 and graphical settings. The Oculus DK2 requires a refreshrate of 75Fps to feel smooth and when it does, it really looks amazing. The issue is probably solved by better hardware but the strange thing is that in flight everything is smooth as butter, but in the menu’s / hangar I get a lot of jitter.

Setting the supersampling to 1.0 removes all jitter but makes the resolution and quality noticeably lower. Having the supersampling to 1.6 makes for a far sharper image. I doubt the hardware is really too slow as in flight everything is fine, is this a bit more configurable to have the menu at lower quality but in flight set to high?


The loading screen just before flight is also showing terrible jitter but I guess that’s because its intended as a static image, not as a virtual interface.


I’m on 4x3Ghz Intel machine with (overclocked) R6970 on a DK2 and my frame rate is around 65-71 in hangar and open space/maps 68-75. I see some jitter specially when loading a map but usually when playing its not that bad.


Performance is one think but visual cues is another and I think there is some stuff missing from the Oculus HUD, take look at it and let me know:


  1. When someone lock me, I can’t see where is he coming from (no lock icon)


  1. In a visual range (enemy ships have icons) when you turn your ship the other direction from enemy, then you can’t see them anymore, no icon or any way of knowing where they are.


  1. When I lock a target but he fly behind my back, no icon of him or any visual help available. (this one is a killer)


  1. When you enable advanced information (game settings) abut your ship shield & hull damage those number are not displayed on the HUD (only some)


  1. Station names (gateways, objects) don’t display names correctly, sometimes text is cut in half

  2. Target view not working

Hi Codex6666, hi nMap, thanks for your attention to Oculus support.

I’ll try to answer some of your questions.


About performance - yea, it is known that we have a poor performance in the hangar compared to the battle, we can’t overcome this in the moment, we’re trying our best and we’ve slightly increased hangar performance in previous patch (up to 5-10%).

But you should remember that for comfortable Oculus experience you should have some additional performance reserve that ensure 75Hz in every situation without any dropping, because in cases of unstable frame-rate you will have significant motion sickness. So, you have to decrease ‘supersampling’ to minimum level that ensure a stable framerate at least in the battle, and this value should give you a 75Hz for most (or, at least, some) situation in the hangar (of course, that wouldn’t enough, a we’ll try to solve this misbehavior somehow in future releases).


Regarding low framerate while loading screen - yes, now framerate there fixed on 30Hz, so you see a lot of jittering, we’ll try to fix this too, but we can’t get rid of all of them.


About additional HUD abilities in Oculus mode - we plan to integrate all necessary HUD elements (except for target view, because of some internal problems) to Oculus mode and fix some issues in the nearest patches, so, stay turned…

Hello Goryh,


It seams that the 1.8 patch already has give me around 5-7 FPS extra in a hangar, now it hovers around 70-75 and few more in battles - this is great!!!


Saying that my quick fix for the loading screen is just to close my eyes temporary, also after a while my brain is getting used to the jitter and you don’t feel so much sick anymore.


I will be awaiting for the much needed HUD abilities in Oculus mode. As for the target view I don’t really use that anyways so no loss there.


Start Conflict in virtual reality is a such a blast, it actually changed how I play games. And this device is only a development kit with not so perfect resolution.