Not receiving reward for Styx's special module

  1. I’m not receiving reward chest from A.Gage for Styx’s special module. Every time I finish his task, mission requirements are immediately changed to new and not giving me chest.

  2. Because it not giving me reward chest after finishing task requirements.

  3. Every time when I finish task requirements from A.Gage for Styx’s special module.

  4. I wanted to finish his task and I finished it but not received chest, task requirements only changed to new. I lost few chests because of this bug : (

  5. Not needed.

  6. Not needed for this kind of bug.

  7. Not possible to show.

  8. LOGS:

[2018.02.15](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=16149)



Well, after you complete 3 tasks, you need to enter the Store, then you need to claim the container.

I completed all requirements and tried what you said, but there was no free chest. Anyways now somehow it worked normally, but earlier was not. Something is bugged for sure.


But lemme tell you once they fix this and you get the mod, it’s sooooo good. I love Styx drones.