Not Receiving Iridium

For the past week or so, I have been playing with this bug figuring it would fix itself at some point. Just to be clear this is not just me being confused about the corporation assignments, these are just the assignments for the player, not the corporation. I took a screenshot of the assignment screen, including an assignment for iridium in it just so as to be clear about this. It is the last file attached.


When I do the assignments from A. Sonex(Jericho) that should reward me with iridium I am not receiving it, although the assignments for loyalty vouchers work just fine as you can see by comparing the numbers of Techs vouchers in the screenshots Bug proof 2 & 3’s.

As you can also see the iridium number didn’t change when turning in those assignments.

At this point I’ve watched something like 500 iridium probably more not appear in my resources and the only way to get it at this point is loot from the after battle screen.


Thank you for any help you can provide as this is pretty devastating…