Not receiveing the green cristals reward from contractions (iridium?)

I’m not receiveing the green cristals rewards from the faction misions.
The few green cristals that I have are those that I got by reciclying.

Sorry about my bad english.


I’ve got in contact with support and after send all the screencaptures that the suporter ask for me, he said me that I must post it here.


Michael Today at 16:05

Please submit a full bug report on our forum, also attach your screenshots to the report. Our devs will take a closer look on your problem.

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Gaijin Entertainment Support Team





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They are for your corporation, your corporation gets them, you don’t.

It’s not a bug.

If you don’t have a corporation they get into nowhere.

That’s why the contract’s name always says “Corporation…”

But I’m receiving the loyalty. So I don’t understand why I’m not receiving my cristals.

But I’m receiving the loyalty. So I don’t understand why I’m not receiving my cristals.

Because corporation’s can’t own loyalty, simply they can own crystals. And those contracts are meant for corporation support, you can get iridium (crystals) by other ways, but those crystals get directly on your corporation’s bank or into nowhere.


You don’t need to understand it, you need to accept it. It’s a fact which probably not change in soon future.

Yes, OmegaFighter is correct: the iridium from contracts go directly to your corp’s bank account.  (If you have no corp they are lost)  This is to help corps build their dreadnoughts.  You have other ways to obtain iridium, the main source being loot from PVP and PVE.