Not having to search loot.

I don’t get a kick out of “searching” for loot after each battle. (holding mouse click and wait)


It takes about 10-15 seconds and this waste of time can be quite frustrating.

–at least to me. But i wanted to suggest it in the case others may feel the same.



  Remove “loot search” and just insta-give random rewards instead.

  OR remove manual  “loot search” after the first 100-1000 searches

Just an extra option “select all randomly” at the bottom of the screen would be sufficient

Just make it click, not click and hold, please

Just make it click, not click and hold, please

I agree with this. Why holding?? :[

Yes please do something about this. It is really annoying and frustrating.

I agree with this. Why holding?? :[

You could decide for another dot within the 2s…

A bit annoying and pointless to manually loot as it take unnecessary time and you don’t even have the same dotplaces every lootingscreen.

But I don’t know how the purple dots are managed for the daily PvE/Spec ops.

It would be cool if they made the dots actually correspond to what ships were destroyed where in the map. E.g. click near where a destroyer died, get destroyer-related upgrade kits. Then there might be a point to this.