Not Getting New Mission For Xenocrystals [After Canceling it]

First of all this bug happened today… I don’t have any evidence to give it to you or to prove you that this is a bug but… I will give it a try and do my own part… I know Developer of SC will not care if the reported bug have no logs or any related files to it but… at least I tried… anyway.


The problem is that I got a mission to make 15 special operation to get x40 xenocrystals so… I told to myself why would I do that… it will take sometime so… I canceled this mission in order to get another one which is more faster to get x40 xenocrytals so… I clicked [Cancel] and apparently no new mission came after I clicked [Cancel] for x40 Xenocrytals  ![:facepalm:](< base_url >/uploads/emoticons/014j.png “:facepalm:”)


The right thing is that when I click cancel it must automatically give you another mission for the same reward as usual… so… that is why I considered this as a BUG… I know developer of SC will say [No logs No bugs] but at least what I did is worth a shot to report that. Also it happened exactly the same situation to other people too. I’m angry for what happened and I wish you fix it.


I hope you consider my situation and find the right & good solution for me & to my situation. Thank you.

Hmmm… anyone at least?