Not getting materials in my workshop when delivering them to station

i’m having problem with osmium (or how they are called) crystals and batteries, also plates not getting into my workshop when i deliver them to station. Can’t even build batteries without those. So far i only got 1 plate wich is needed for building those and nothing else after. Crystalls is plain 0. All other materials i have plenty like 100+. It really pisses me off as without those i can’t make any mkV weapon etc. not to mention time i spent doing freespace missions and collecting those :frowning: to found out i have none in my workshop now


please see whats wrong as i’m really pissed off now.


with regards, Abrax777

I can’t explain why you can’t deliver anything.

But farming materials in open world is lame.

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Salvage your damn upgrade kits & Mk2 mods and you’ll get a lot of stuff.

I’ve over 500 of everything, except Monocrystals ._.

Safe the nature! Don’t farm, recycle!


Now it’s the time, since we have a sale on equipment and modules.

Buy, upgrade, salvage…