Not able to get in a match no matter how long we wait

So, I get that the matchmaking tries to match squads with squads and I approve of this.  But it seems that when you are in a squad and there is no other squad in the same rank to match you against you will never get into a match no matter how long you wait.  My friends and I like to play every Sunday night, but last week we encountered this problem where our 4-man squad had no corresponding squad and so we couldn’t play together.  We waited about a half hour, then played a round of PvE, then waited another 45 minutes and finally we had to split up into 2 squads, and we promptly got into a game against each other.  I love the game and will still play solo, but it’s tough to convince my friends to play when we can’t play together…



At that player volume t3 and up is dead, next time drop to t2, or you’ll never find anything.

It wasn’t that games weren’t happening, I was in contact with players in chat and there were plenty of Rank 9 games going on.  Average wait for solo players seemed to be about 5 minutes that night.  If it happens again later tonight maybe we’ll try dropping down to T2.

Its also the fact you were a squad of 4, that lengthens waits to an extreme degree

I guess that’s my point.  It would seem that if there isn’t another squad to match you up against, you will NEVER get into a match until there is.  I think this is a problem.


We did end up going into T2 tonight after a 20 minute wait in the T3 queue.  There was another 4-man squad we kept going up against for a few rounds but once they left it was a 15 minute wait until a new 4-man squad appeared for us to be matched against.  It’s not ideal to be sure, going back to T2 feels like cheating and I don’t want other people to feel the frustrations we sometimes felt moving up through T2 against seemingly unbeatable squads.  Still, at least we were able to play.


I really hope the game gets released soon and they start serious advertising to increase the playerbase.

so does everyone else…