Not able to connect to server

I downloaded the game and launched it, when i tried to login i always get “Wrong login or password”.

I tried:

My email address for my Yuplay account

My Yuplay nick (FYI it’s Nekomancer)

My Yuplay nick without the first letter capitalized

I can login without issues on the website.

You need to use your beta/yuplay email for log in, did you check if you typed the @?


Who the hay edited my post? Couldn’t you have replied? Also, i found out that the problem really is the @, i’m not able to enter it in the login screen. I’m using a German QWERTZ keyboard

bump, i’d like that @ issue to be adressed.

bump, i’d like that @ issue to be adressed.

I dont know who edited your post, but the @ issue is already known and should be fixed in the future.

Porblem solved?

i use my paswword and account but wrong paswword not connect for game

You need to use your email as id,

thanks for help me

ahh thank you very much now ok very very thank you much

same problem…

i using my - Username and Password…

edit: wtf… I used my email as username and it worked.

I am useing my email as login the same one i need to login on the website.

edit: ok i got it working now

/merged topics. Please try to use only 1 topic for the same issue.

I’ve got the same problem. Cant login, it always says wrong login/password. How did yu guys fix it?

You need to use your email.

i tried that but i cant write “@” only get a “q”…

i tried that but i cant write “@” only get a “q”…

Copy and paste the @ from another window with ctrl+c and ctrl+v.

It worked. thank you very much. :wink:

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