“Northern berth” location panorama




Artuga system
Location “Northern berth”


The Artuga system was discovered by Sci-Tech Universal’s recon team. The leadership of this young, but promising corporation was looking for a secluded place for experiments with weapons and military technology. Isolated from other systems, Artuga was best suited for the company’s tasks. The corporation allocated a special company for the development of Artuga, which in the shortest possible time built research orbital complexes, experimental laboratories and factories, as well as many storage and shipment facilities on the orbits of the main planets of the system.


After the discovery of Artuga, Sci-Tech Universal Corporation actively built up the most accessible orbits around the largest planets of the system. The process was quite chaotic. Plans for the development of the system were quickly accepted and often as quickly cancelled. The “Northern berth” was originally planned as a complex for the storage and processing of gases produced by the nearby gas giant, but the station was never launched. It is said that one of the Enclave gangs uses the “Northern berth” to store its share of the booty obtained in pirate raids on the defenceless systems of the Empire.

Really neat map with surprisingly many places to hide I just wish they fixed the collision volumes of those short white cylinders. The graphical models are round, but their collision models are rectangular.

I wanted to zoom in to see more details. Please, add this functionality to your new panorama player.
There is an option in the Settings, called “Enable zoom control”. Here is a screenshot from Kuula`s site:



I cannot zoom in.